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23 Aug 2009 - I am now having some digestive problems (not H1N1), which makes me easlier get tired and I need more rest. Please bare with my slow responds on replying mail. My post office visit will schedule once a week (Wednesday). I temporary will not receive any custom orders until futher notice. Sorry for the inconvience cause.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage sling bags and shoulder bags

All updates will be directed to my Colors City shop at

This will make me more consistent in checking orders and mail that are coming in.

Latest bag for Valentine and Chinese New Year. I love these vintage & zakka color bags.

Faux Leather Bucket Bag

Vintage Double Buckle Sling & Shoulder Bag

Faux Leather Satchel Bag

Moony Flap Twist Clasp Sling

Valentine is near, I'm giving out these lovely Valentine card for FREE with purchase of any handpick bags, please read here for more details.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks all for the review!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pastel Quilted Handbag

Item: Pastel Quilted Handbag
Color: Black, grey, pink , white [All Sold, thanks]
Price: RM40
Measurements: Width 31cm, height 22cm, base 25cmx10cm, handle height 22cm, short handle length:39cm, long handle length 76-136cm
Item Description: Quilted design handbag that looks elegant for dinner or for casual events. Pastel color of pink and grey makes it sweet to carry along.
Made from high quality quilted soft PU/PVC
Single chain strap interwoven with faux leather
Flap with statement clasp
Top zipped. 1 zipper compartment

Please email to for orders. Reservation is for 3 days and please state that you want it be reserved for you.

This is the grey Quilted Handbag

See the details on the bag

Here is white

Here is the black color

Here is the pink one

Monday, August 31, 2009

Stylish colorful wallet

Item: Short Stylish wallet [all sold]
Made from high quality soft PU/PVC
Flap with statement clasp
Various color to choose for this summer.
Color: White, Blue, Yellow, Pink
Measurements:12cm x 9cm x 3cm

See more details of the short stylish wallet

2 photo compartment. 6 card compartment, 1 money notes compartment, 1 zipper coin compartment at the back.

Item: Long Stylish wallet [All sold]
Color: Blue (I only have this color left)
Made from high quality soft PU/PVC
Flap with statement clasp
Measurements:11cm x 15cm x 2cm

See more details here:
5 long compartment inclusive 1 zipper compartment(for coins)
1 long compartment to put your $$ notes
3 photo compartment
12 card compartment

Bright Colorful Wallet

Item: Bright Colorful Purse
Color:Black, Green, Brown,Yellow, Purple, Pink, White(all sold)
Type A Yellow, Purple(sold), Pink, White (Right Hand Side)
Type B Black, Green, Brown, (Left Hand Side)
Measurements:11cm x 15cm x 2cm


There is a slight difference on the money compartment in the purse on the left and right.

Type A
11 card compartment
4 money/coin compartment, inclusive 1 zipper compartment
Type B
11 card compartment 5 money/coin compartment, inclusive 2 zipper compartment.

Beautiful Flower linning inside the wallet.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bag with multiple style

Item: Plain bag with mulitple stype
Color: Black(sold) , Greyish purple(sold) , white(sold)
Price: RM32
Item Description: Each bag comes with a small detachable pouch infront of the bag. There is a long strip for that detachable pouch so you can use it as a pouch and a sling pouch too. Huge in storage and value for money.

This is with the pouch in front of the bag

You can remove it and use it seperately as a sling bag

Light grey purple color

White color

Friday, July 31, 2009

A013 Swirl pattern bag 通勤圖騰皮革托特包

31/7/2009 - Updated actual photo of the bag

Width (entrance)寬(袋口):41cm
Height袋高: 30cm
Handle height提手垂直高:19cm
Width (base)寬(袋底):33cm
Thickness 厚:11cm
Price: RM36
Status: Ready Stock

Color: Brown [sold] , White[sold]
*Artificial Leather*
*consist a zipper pocket and a handphone pocket(inner) 內有一拉鍊式暗袋及一手機內袋*
*Zipper Openning of the bag 袋口為拉鍊式*
*Able to put in A4 size file 可放A4及資料夾 *
*Hand carry or Shouldering carry 手提/肩背*
*Zipper pocket (back bag) 袋背有一拉鍊暗袋*

Code: 577 Sweet candy sling bag

31/7/09 Updated actual picture of the bag.

Color: Pink[sold], White [sold]
Height: 17cm
Width: 24cm
Sling: 73cm~130cm
Status: Ready stock
Price: RM38
Status: Ready Stock

*Artificial Leather*
*Inside this bag consist a zipper pocket and a handphone pocket*
*Zipper Openning of the bag*
*Detachable long sling handle & short hand carry handle*

Sling Bags

North Shore Express 8 Sling Bag 沙滩包 [All sold]

New picture added at 31/7/09

I am modeling the bag~ just give you a idea how big the bag is it.

Detail of the bag: Click to enlarge picture

Colors available: Brown, Black, Pink, Yellow

Width: 40cm
Sling: 70~125cm

Status: Ready Stock

A cheerful colorful bag to get for this summer
Thick Water proof PVC
Sling Bag, adjustable long sling strap

Wide space of storage
Suitable for school, college even to the beach
Front printed text "North Shore Express 8"
3 compartments - front, back, middle
consist a zipper pocket and a handphone pocket(inner)

603 Doggie Casual Sling Bag [All Sold]

Color: Pastel colors in Silver, White, Pink , Gold [All color sold~ Thanks~!]

Width: 40cm
Sling: 65~125cm
Price: RM36

Status: Ready Stock
Artificial Leather
Consist 2 pocket beside the bag
Sling bag, adjustable long sling strap
Face of a dog infront of the bag, with 2 flip flap ears beside
Wide space of storage
Bag to carry to school, tuition or even for shopping

For more bags:

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